It's very easy, in our society where immediate gratification is not only possible but often encouraged, to gravitate all too often to our vices.  Vanity. Narcissism. Food. Drink. They certainly get the better of us. Effects of these desires make their way around the whole world, whether by means of humans' effect on the climate or the connections possible from the global wireless community.

Body of Your Dreams - Jacob TV, arr. Jose Riojas

Reef - Jason Haney

Postcards of Dreadlock, I. Romania, November 2002 - Marc Mellits

Tight Sweater Remix - Marc Mellits

Adaptation set: Trois Pieces - Nadia Boulanger and mvt II from Sonata in A Major - Franck, arr. L+M Duo

Ludic Loops - Jay Derderian


This program highlights different events and decades over the last century: the Roaring 20s, the wartime of the 1940s, the energy crisis of the 1970s, and the technological developments nearing the 21st century.  This program is always evolving, but the permanent placeholders are:

Rhapsody in Blue - George Gershwin, arr. Linda Maxey

Suite for Violin and Piano - William Grant Still, arr. L+M Duo

Clapping Music - Steve Reich

Twenty-five Million Candles - Steve Snowden

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